Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Shelagh and Dale will be back very soon in another collaboration.

Not sure if we will be birds on a wire or twittering communication  or running on the edges of the world but some back and see.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I guess that as both Dale & myself have become very busy, there wont be anything to post on here for a while in the meantime, I am going to put a page on my blog with the 5 minute challenges from here
Please check back from time to time, you never know what you might find x

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hi everyone
Dale is on a trip to LA, getting huge inspiration, I am at stuckathome, recovering from influenza.
We both will kick start this venture soon
I have developed a new set of workshops Design to Stitch, details on my blog
Here is a picture of cabbages, used for some of my textile design work For Christmas I was given Photoshop Elements & I produced this Andy Warhol inspired image
I thought that it looked like CREATIVE BRAIN EDGES

Be back soon - promise - I miss the development of DRAWING
Shelagh x

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Excuses excuses

Shelagh has hit the nail on the head. i have been busy but iwll be back soon. Back to leaves - but in the meantime to stretch your brains - wot sort of leaves haveyou got in yoru gardens? i have loads of eucalytpus for starters - we think they are all the same but there are so many different shapes and sizes when you look carefully.

Check us out later this week.


I have been continuing working with the leaf theme over on my blog:

Please visit there and Dales blog:

Until we have time to start stretching our collective brains again!!


Monday, October 24, 2011


As a lack of drawing seems to be coming from both of us I thought I would post a couple of my photographs
This one is a good colour combination, deep rusty maroon & lime green.  Try it with your crayons.  Use a lot of maroon and a little green.
In fabric try maroon fabric, green stitching & cream beads.  Maroon & lime - complementary colours!!

This Bamboo uses many tints & shades of green.  Look at the many grades.  Pale to very dark
Very interesting lines within the elongated shapes
I love the spotty nearly dead ones

Hopefully we will begin again soon x

Friday, October 21, 2011


Dale is now enroute back to Australia, so I thought I would welcome her back with 5 minutes of computer designing
This is a pen drawing of my leaf, then it has been combined with background images of original pieces of my art work,  This would make a good print out onto fabric or Khadi paper and stitched
Hmmm a nine repeat would work well....

Another 5 minutes produced this pattern.  Have a go at scanning and combining your art work and a line drawing.  If I get time then I will stitch it - but cant promise as there are lots of designs in the pile at the moment, been having a few eye and headache problems grrrr.