Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Painted by Paul Gauguin, I feel a lot of similar 'edges' to Van Gogh.  I love the use of purple to show the light source, even though the candle is lit - such a funky fun chair looks like it should have springs or wheels on the legs
The carpet is interesting as it lacks perspective.  The skirting board is the line that grounds the image

FRIDAY is WEEK ONE - DAY ONE = A6 sketchbook, landscape or portrait - wait to see what we both use - I am hunting out a Khadi paper one that has vanished - if it does not appear then I have a seabright one with quite thin paper or a watercolour pad, decisions, I always spend a good deal of time thinking about what book or paper to contain my work, I might even use a cream paged Paperchase book = Shelagh

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  1. This is such a great idea from you two....clever thinking and love tos ee what you both coem up in your challenge to eachother!