Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay so we are invisible, blown away with the leaves.  Dale is packing to visit England and I am being an Ostrich.  I have done this
Using a Pitt pen, Zentangled leaves, out of my head, yep they look really childish but are a great resource for this...

I have extracted sections by placing a cut out mask over the previous sketch, these thumbnails could be the start of a new piece - could I said....
I messed around - if you look closely (click the image) I have printed a leaf in white onto the Khadi paper, the cut out leaf is an experiment with acrylic inks in blobs left overnight, it has remained raised which would make a fab rubbing surface - I might .....

Now this is wonderful & of course it took much longer than 5 minutes, but if you add up the 5 minutes owing, I figure half an hour is due.  These are actual leaves and there are multiple layers & colours
Okay so I got carried away, this is printing & using the leaf as a mask I seem to have developed a love of using masks whilst doing these brain challenges.  See what happens when you make yourself do something.
I still have to go into the garden and sketch, My lime green Acer is just begging to be sketched, I hope that its sunny tomorrow and huge chunks of my day wont be taken up with washing!!!

A good idea would be to print off one of the above images and use it as a created paper to cut out the shapes in the little thumbnails.  If it wasnt half past ten at night I might just do it (hmmm - sleep or not to sleep) x

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