Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Being a bit pushed for time - due to the impending start back to work & the lesson planning.  I decided that the crayon drawing from Sunday should be washed over.  That was our only criteria.  Don't know what Dale has done, but here is my tale.
I was going to wash with Indian ink, which I have done many times before.  If you have been following my main blog you will know that I have had a massive studio tidy.  Whilst doing this I found 2 bottles of ink. Quink ink, blue & black in their boxes. I chucked the boxes and tidied with the Indian ink.  So on opening the drawer there they were.  Ah Ha I shall use this instead
Of course it has different properties to Indian ink, I know how long to leave that one before washing off.

Good job my crayoning was on Khadi paper as I had to rip the drawing out of the book & stick it under the tap and scrub it
To photograph it I needed to outline the leaf in white gel pen.  Deep dark & moody.  Is this a triumph or disaster?? what do you think?
As it is no longer attached to the book I could stitch it, but I have some other ideas
Back on Friday

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