Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am obsessed with these at the moment;
Along with the paper I have chosen.  I shall find another book to do the type of drawings Dale is doing & keep this book for dry charcoal & pencil media.
These are all the colours as in the box except for the 'ordinary 3 charcoal pencils' included
This is the line from the top of the second Japanese teapot
It does not really show the colours so I scribbed this
Using some of the pencils & blended them in some areas using the WHITE charcoal - yep thats what it says
I thought that this was beautiful so I have used it for my 5 minute sketch

PLONK - a cut out shape from the Japanese teapot, used as a mask & erased away with a tiny piece of PUTTY rubber - I love it!!
Dale & I are on different journeys at the moment - we shall get it together for Friday - I am off to find another book to do pen drawings & maybe one for wet media.  There this blog has been a discovery for me in that I shall not just use one sketching / drawing / painting surface for all media in the future - my students be warned!!! lol

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