Sunday, August 7, 2011


Beautiful day here in England.  Todays 5 minutes is the line formed along the top edge of the teapot lid
This has been repeated
Okay so I know that mostly a teapot would be thought of as a shape.  I never seem to want to work with shapes unless they are organic, you know the usual poppy seed head, daisy, rose, fish etc.  But these are so overworked.  Random shapes dont really have much appeal unless they are as layers (hmmmmmmmm)
So todays offering at the altar of Dale is LINE, using my pencil again as I love the effect from the Fabriano paper so much.  The darker areas are burnishing
I know what I want to stitch from this.  But if you saw the mess that is my studio you would understand.
However, if I have a good sorting day (oh yeah) then maybe later or even tomorrow, the plan is to sort all the embroidery fabrics, so visit later & see if I have produced anything
Dale is back tomorrow - hooray - I guess she will have something totally fabulous

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