Sunday, August 14, 2011


Last Thursday night we had a meeting of our group BOAT.  One of the girls had been on a summer school & bought along what she did and showed us her take on the taught method, which was quite different to the tutors.  I made my version, very quickly after a tiring day at the Festival of Quilts, see my blog I shall post my original piece lso on the blog.
So after the spout drawing from friday I thought 'lets give this method a go'
Unbeknown to me, Dale has also used scrim.  This scrim was bought at FOQ, its so good to use purchases really quickly.
This piece is heavily hand stitched, not a machine stitch in sight, the world championships of Badminton have been on, maybe the shuttles were also an influence.
This piece is very 3D, I know that it looks like an eye and is a bit weird, but I want to try and add more to the background at a later date, see what we do in the next few weeks.  The image will enlarge if you click on it, if any one wants details then you will need to leave a comment & then I will post it in my next newsletter.

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  1. Thats so good!
    I want to create something abit like that to represent a Nebula for Visually Impaired children to 'feel' for the Space Topic Box.
    How else will they know what one is!
    I had thought to use the embellisher with different thicknesses of wool fleece,different textures of novelty yarns etc. But I reckon seeing your spout, that the hand stitching method may be the way to get the best tactile result and spiral movement in it.
    Thanks for the brain storming lesson lolol