Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After much dithering, I have decided to take part in this months TEAPOT challenge.
This is one of my small collection of teapots.  I am interested in this image with the strong shadows that the teapots when photographed have created.  This is influenced by visiting the Joan Miro exhibition at the TATE modern, last week.
The display included some of his paintings that were deliberately burned.  Yes burned after painting.  He lived though the repressed times in Barcelona (such a fantastic city) & his work was very influenced by his feeling towards the government.  The Tate had hung 2 of his paintings with strong lights shining on them and left a blank wall to show the shadows.  I was completely blown away by this.  I found it very moving and profound.  Photographing my teapots this morning in the bright sunshine has made that link again.  Isnt art fantastic?
This is not my picture - photos were not allowed but on a Google search I found this; I guess some people have not adhered to this rule.
Look at the shadows.  If you can go to the exhibition, I urge you to, this is one room of 12, all very different
I shall do my piece later when it is cooler
This is the book that I shall use this time.  It is very important to me what I draw or create in.  It takes a while to decide which format suits the subject & this one has drawn the short straw this time!
With various softly coloured pages
Preparation to me is very important.  When I studied my Patchwork City & Guilds one of my design studies was of teapots, I am not very hopeful of finding the folder from 20 years ago!

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