Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today I set the challenge of SHAPE.  I am not enjoying working with the teapot, I much prefer natural forms than manmade, I find the engineered shape stifling.  I learnt this many years ago whilst working for one of my diplomas researching into the Hammersmith weavings of William Morris.  Now who was I kidding thinking that I could use the master of all designs as the basis for my designs.  I learnt a lot.  I learnt what I am not good at and that is static shape.
Last week (see my main blog) I had the wonderful pleasure of a course with Stephanie Redfern, a master of shape.  As a teacher it is good to be a student once in a while & I really knew it would be a trial for me working with shape.  I certainly appreciated the prodding given by Steph whilst I was dithering about with too much resource material.  Why am I dribbling on?  Well todays challenge is a multitude of shapes
Yesterday I prepared papers, today a background & cut out the shapes.
I timed myself laying down the shapes
5 more minutes & change of background

5 more minutes, try a regular approach

Oh really Shelagh - are you actually a City & Guilds tutor?
Right back to the drawing board or rather thinking cap
This is a 15 minute consideration & a 5minute stick down

I am at last happy with this
5 minute challenge that took over an hour!!!!
I have turned it into black & white as a teaser, cause I am going to stitch it Friday & Sunday & reveal the colour on Sunday along with the techniques & products used
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  1. The outcome on this is very interesting. I can't stick to 5 minutes on a 'quick' project either...For me it's Excedrin headache #1

  2. This looks interesting! I tried to be a "follower" but for some reason I cant click on it...

  3. Well done that woman!! I reckon Shelaghs clock goes slow anyway lolol