Saturday, August 6, 2011


One thing about 5 minutes is it takes all the worry out of recording images.

Direct observation of the subject is called Primary observation as opposed to secondary observation which is using photographs the internet etc.

I wanted to record some little sketches really quickly, holding the lid

Quick recording of the pattern, without colour, laying down the marks
This is 'the top brick of the chimney' a phrase that my mother used to say - aim for the top brick of the chimney, through the generations I have changed this to 'aim for the stars' to my children
These little marks would translate so well for stitch
Or would make a stamp!
Finally this took very much longer than five minutes & I just love the effect of the charcoal pencils (again) what a find they are
This is using the MASK from the previous post & then smudging with my finger.  Cant wait to get my tin of these pencils.  The tooth of this paper is also really good, it seems to hold the pigment
I have oodles of ideas for stitch now
As Dale is still working hard, it would be nice if we could have a few more comments.  Let us know if you are taking part & if you have learnt anything from our explorations


  1. Hey Shelagh - now Friday yes and Sunday yes when I am busy - but Saturday - come on......
    I wil be back on Monday.....

  2. Hi Dale and Sheila
    Am really enjoying following your blog and it is reminding me of the importance of drawing, design and having a starting point. Good to see how you both work. Am doing Dales Ratty Tatty at the moment so not actually joining in physically, but learning a lot. Gill