Friday, July 15, 2011


It seems that my errant 'pupil' thought it was rubbings & not charcoal pencil - hoho, will have to do two now

I sound like goody two shoes - I had done my drawing this morning & just now had to do a rubbing

All very confusing - so if you are following along with us.  Today is two things.

Charcoal pencil drawing of the PLAN view again of the chair & a rubbing of part of the chair.  I did the rubbing onto sizoflor which is like the 30 weight Lutradur, I chose pink cause hey I could not be bothered to hunt further than what was around in the studio.
I rubbed with my red iridescent Sennelier oil pastel
This was the pattern on part of the wood

The actual challenge was this!!!

The plan view of part of the leather using my new Derwent charcoal pencils, two greens, a brown & a black
Urgent marks trying to get depth, time ran away before the seat was finished.  I smudged then with my finger.
After time I tried using a burnisher pencil that I bough on the really dark area, which worked well, but I only did a small bit.
The restriction of A6 paper is just as well in such a short time frame.  But I have some ideas on what to do about that in a further challenge
Now to go & see just what Dale has done with her fabulous chair.
I am spying my mums chair in the kitchen & maybe back later with a quick 'slip in'

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  1. And the race is on...looks like you've pulled ahead of Dale!