Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Graphitint pencils.  Ordinary pencils are made of graphite, these are graphite with pigment & are also water activated.  Here I have used a water pen
Lovely new big tin, a birthday gift from my children yum!

This is the angle of the chair that I chose today
I do like the feet of this chair,
Capturing the angle is what appeals the most
This is the under pencil before activation
So hard to do in 5 minutes, the shadows became urgent marks aka scribbles!

I could not leave it like this so added another few minutes using the water pen
These pencils have a lovely matt effect.  they can be bought singly, which is what I had before the lovely pressie.
Trying to get form & shadow in such a short time is very difficult, but good discipline
Have not seen Dales yet, so am looking forward to seeing it now.
Have a go at doing this, take a small detail & explore using the wonderful Graphitint pencils


  1. looks like you are enjoying yourselves with this blog/challenge