Friday, July 8, 2011


Today's challenge is to find a motif on the chair & use Sennellier Oil pastels with a Kor-i-noor wash over
The wood of my chair has many motifs but I chose this one
I love the wood grain & the deep shadows caused by the incising - Soldering iron here I come!
Remember this challenge is 5 minutes - gulp
This is the underpainting
Frantic scribbles, trying to get some form in the design
Final splodge of colour, this was still wet when photographed

Evaluation:  5 minutes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Got some form in the black & gold oil pastels so am pleased with that
Needed more time for the wash
However, this is good discipline, because I would have faffed and faffed

Sunday is stitching, check back to see what we do, wonder what Dale has done today?
Off to work x

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  1. Fascinating idea you two have for this blog. Looking forward to the next entry.