Thursday, July 21, 2011


One of my very favourite observation techniques is to look very closely at a subject matter.  I love macro photography where the actual object is photographed in such minute detail that it is the texture that overwhelmes the subject matter
The same can be done with art
Here I have peered very closely onto one of the studs in my chair, the same ones as the string from yesterday
Again 5 minutes makes quick loose marks & I quickly washed over it with my spent fruit teabag from breakfast.  I actually use these quite often as they give a softer pinky glow instead of normal tea bags which give a creamy sometimes dirty look to the water soluble pencils.  These are Caran D'ache
I have tried to capture the spherical form, with the ligh source from the right hand side
I may post further whilst Dale is away, so check back to see what I am up to
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