Sunday, July 3, 2011


I chose a different angle of 'ye chosen chair'
Sitting on the floor gives a good perspective
My husband is a draughtsman & he has been teaching me about the oblique angle
So I chose to start with the right hand 45 degree angle

Fine Pitt Pen this time, fabulous to work with, just like a pencil
This was 5 minutes whilst my breakfast of gruel was in the microwave, so the timer pinged
I really like this, I could see this in stitch

Then I added colour with INKTENSE pencils, I must admit that I spent another 5 minutes on this & as they ae Inktense cant go back and take the colour down a shade unless I cream or white it
Today I have learnt that:  I love the fine pen, I can get the perspective right & use to better paper to get a better wash finish.


  1. How fab to see how you go from a to b, asa it were!

  2. I didn't realise I could draw - this is fun!!