Friday, July 1, 2011


Up early after a very late night, looking for Khadi book & it was found, but had already been started!!
So I have decided to use the landscape Seawhite book, which has quite thin pages.  I may have to glue 2 together sometimes
This is the chair that I have chosen
It is a sitting room chair and has leather seats & an Oak frame.  Reminds me of the Morris chair from the last post.  Has circles & spirals carved into the frame

I sprayed my page with Dales Starburst sprays.  I had already done this, being of the impatient kind, a few days ago, so the page was dry.  I used a stencil flapped over the wet spray to give some marks to the page & concentrate the mica powder
I selected a rather difficult medium to sketch with - Faber Castell Pitt pen Indian Ink - black BROAD.  This is like sketching with a felt tip pen as the nib is thick
Still this is a challenge & I feel up for it!!

So 5 minutes on the clock (wow its 'Never been Kissed again! lol')
Sitting in the sunshine on the floor & away I go
Here is the result.....

I chose to use the A5 landscape pad in this orientation & to crop my drawing

1 5 Minutes is so quick its frightening
2 Really thick pen difficult to get any shading
3 Positive marks
4 Urgent Line
5 Coloured page works really well
6 Straight line is an odd angle

I feel quite keen to see what I can do with this in stitch, keep watching my blog to see what happens
Have a go - if you are a follower then comments would be encouraging for this new venture



  1. what an interesting and creative experiment this blog is....I wonder where it will take you...

  2. Hmmm. This is fascinating to follow. I wonder what's next?

  3. I think I will have to embark on this little project - sounds fun and I have a khadi book waiting to be used. Am looking forward to following you two as you develop this idea....