Saturday, July 30, 2011


Repetition is one of the DESIGN PRINCIPLES.
Following on from the 'take one motif & repeat' & knowing what we are doing tomorrow, I decided to make my stamp IN RELIEF, this is the negative of the design.  Dales is the positive - the actual design is raised- my design is incised.  I chose a 3 inch square piece of balsa wood & used one of my eight (yep how did THAT happen) pyrography pens or now called a soldering iron.  I actually call it a SIRON.
I used a fine tip but not as fine as for working on fabric
The wood grain resembles the actual wood on my chair
The edges have been compressed, I did not want a perfectly square stamp.  The parts that will print are the areas WITHOUT the marks

This is a translation - this means that the stamp is repeated exactly, then it has been half-dropped.  A method very evident on wallpaper & fabrics
Pink & green Versacolor stamp pad here

Stazon red with the image rotated & placed at one of  'the rule of thirds' positions

I do love to layer effects & this is the start of building layered repetition

Another layer this time the motif has been rotated back to the original orientation, & purple Stazon used
I have not kept to the 5 minute rule here
Sunday will see stitching & the end of using the chair as a starting point.
August will see another inspiration - chosen by Dale!