Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What we both hate - but necessary - is pencil sketching.  In preparation I visited the local art shop & purchased a pencil - new to me called ONYX
Graphite (pencil) I thought it would be a good idea to try something new.

5 minutes....................
WHO on earth decided 5 minutes for a pencil sketch?

We were to draw the plan view.  Well my chair weighs a ton so I stood on a dining chari with the camera on the ceiling to get this picture

The chair is green.
I then debated as to if I could draw standing on a dining chair & decided that I am rubbish at pencil sketching anyway so have a go, 10 seconds in I gave up
I drew these images each in 5 minutes from the little screen on my DSLR camera stitting down!!

Obviously the camera was on its side
Well I think I might have captured a bit of depth.  The pencil was really sharp & it produced lovely marks, I used my finger to smudge where I had no time to shade

Feeling frustrated at such a poor sketch - I reset the clock & tackled just a small part of the image, this was on one piece of A6 using the same pencil - ONYX.  I am impressed by the pencil & am much happier with this end result
In a strange way I quite like the urgent, free, unconsidered marks achieved by the short time span
Thank goodness that one is out of the way!!
Now to see what Dale has done from on top of her table!!


  1. I like your sketching. You can see your love of texture and form even in the pencil marks you choose! :)

  2. what fun............and you on a chair up on high...daft bugger!