Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dale day 5

I didn't read anything about a book cover - typical student doesn't listen or pay attention -I printed my 4 little drawings on Jacquard cotton and cut one out

then I stitched and after 8 minutes remembered something about layers and I think she said organza but I couldn't find any fast but I did spot some netting on the floor and popped that over and stitched a bit more.

Obviously I am an example of an inattentive pupil and may have to repeat this and stay behind in class. But I don't know how Shelagh had time to edge that piece - I usually do but there were no minutes left. Perhaps the clock goes faster down under. My prep involved turning my laptop on, plugging everything in, scanning my pieces, making a collage in PSP and printing them out. That long.....


  1. lol I think you should have points for thinking on your er feet as it were!

  2. Hahaha! As they say necessity is the mother of invention.