Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today's challenge is to use our previous drawings.  Print out onto fabric & using sheer layers make a book cover for our CHAIR challenge book.
No time limit set on the prep
10 minutes only to stitch

Here is a short TUTORIAL

I have used the images from Days 2, 3 & 4
Days 2 & 3 were printed onto cotton fabric from  The deeper image from day 3was printed onto cotton that is washable & the lighter image from day 2 was printed onto un-washable cotton fabric.
These two fabric have a different handle & I chose to do this to get a good variance of colour, I guess that the washable one has been treated with bubblejetset or PrintAbility type products.

After printing the sheets were left in the warm for an hour to cure, the paper backing was then removed. The fabric looks like the images so no need to post piccies

INSIDE:  Dale sells the most wonderful Starburst Sprays which I used onto a cheap calico.  The spots are PearlEx Pigments Mica powder mixed with green ink
When all the colour was sprayed on I used a brayer to mix them around

When this was dry I attached it to heavy weight Lutradur with 505 spray glue

On the other side of the Lutradur I drew a grid 1.5 inches, then sprayed it with 505

The 2 sheets of cotton were then cut up into 1.5 inch squares
Then placed on the grid in a chequer board fashion (to make Dale smile)
I am pleased with the mark making that shows here
You see it does not matter in Design if you are a fantastic artist!

I then printed out the un-activated image from Day 4.  I reduced it in scale to get a sheet & printed it onto cotton organza.
Here I am overlaying the squares.  I tried quite a few layouts & this is not the final one

TheBackground piece was cut to size before the final placement of the organza

The whole cover was then covered with pale lemon organza & the edges wrapped & stitched. 
I have stretched the rules here for the edge stitching being 'prep' lol
The excess organza was cut away with the soldering iron

Now its time for the stitched challenge gulp - what could I stitch in 10 minutes - time to panic
I knew I wanted to use the motif from day 4, so I traced it onto vellum, cut it out & used it as a template & stitching from the reverse, just manged to get a few freeform stitched in the time
Have to leave it like this for the challenge but might add more & finish it off at a later date

Finished cover


Evaluation:  Preparation took around an hour with a hours drying time for the printing & painting
The grid worked well
I planned this piece as it was a challenge piece, normally the sqaures would be stitched, possibly by machine & then the organza would have been tacked down, stopping it shifting when covering with the organza.  Silly idea for the edge althought I used my new foot for the Bernina walking foot - so that was a challenge in itself!
The final stitching needs much more as it looks very sparse on the cover.
5 minutes for sketching seems a doddle now compared to 10 minutes stitching (Dales idea, I wanted half an hour, because I knew what I wanted to do :-(

Looking forward to seeing Dales - will be wonderful no doubt & spoil my day!!!!

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  1. Wish there was a like button. You gals are very entertaining. I can just imagine the fast and furious stitching that went on.