Sunday, July 31, 2011


These are some of the images from this months challenge using my sitting room chair as the starting point.
Dale chose a chair & this was not comething that I would have ever even considered.  I barely ever look at the stitching of the bottle green leather or the patterns on the wood work now-a-days & I have fallen in 'love' again with my furniture!!
So for the final challenge piece I chose to use the colours in the chair.  Remember a few Sundays ago when Dal was naughty & didnt do a piece & I did the piece on Evolon?  Well this is what I chose for my background
I used 3 weights of Lutradur, as this was todays challenge & stamped one piece, rubbed another & sprayed some more with Dales yummy sprays Teal & Lime
I freeform stitched with FS thread & then set about using the Siron
All the pieces were collated onto felt & 30 weight brown lutradur & then stitched again with Supertwist thread, I applied the words burnt out with the attachments to the Siron & then burnt away the
The collage shows some of the processes involved in creating this final piece

I have really enjoyed this challenge & working with Dale & am looking forward to our new challenge on Wednesday


  1. This has been so interesting to follow. Can't wait for the new challenge.